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Write for Westlaw UK Topics and Expand Your Professional Profile

Looking for a way to enhance your legal expertise and showcase your writing skills? Look no further. In partnership with the London Young Lawyers Group, we are proud to offer you the chance to contribute to one of the most respected legal encyclopedias in the field.

More info on how to get involved below!


Why write for WestLaw?

  • Writing for Westlaw UK is a fantastic way to create and nurture your professional profile from the early stages of your career, tracking your developing experience and expertise in different areas of law as you progress.

  • Be seen by any of our 70,000+ subscribers who access your articles. You prepare your own biography (which may include a photo and contact details).

  • Expand and maintain your area of expertise - you can contribute on any topic of special interest to you in the whole range of UK law: everything is covered, whether you want to write a helpful overview of a complex area or a cutting-edge article highlighting a new development.

Other Advantages

  • You can associate your articles with your individual profile, or your Firm's or Chamber's profile, or both.

  • Westlaw UK maximises the value to readers of your articles as a research tool by providing automatic links to key cases and legislation that are relevant to your article.

  • Users of Westlaw UK can set up alerts on your article so they will know if it has been updated.

  • If you do not want to write your own full articles to begin with, we also offer the opportunity to update Westlaw's existing articles if you prefer.

  • Each article you write must be reviewed by someone senior to yourself at your Firm/Chambers/University; your work is then taken through a robust internal review process, so we ensure that it meets our standards and that you can be confident publishing on our website.

  • You will be invited to review and revise every six months or yearly depending on how quickly your area changes, but you can update your article as often as you like, to keep it in line with the latest case-law and legislative developments in your field.

Become a Westlaw UK writer!

If you would like to write for Westlaw UK, please sign up below (make sure you have signed up to the LYLG mailing list). We look forward to welcoming you to the contributor team!

Thanks for submitting - we will be in touch soon!

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